Project Consulting

Project Consulting

This service assumes that the client has already found a location, planned what they are going to build, had architectural and engineering plans completed and are planning to be their own General Contractor.

The Project Consulting contract would allow a customer to retain a Project Consultant to provide expertise, knowledge and guidance throughout the project or for very specific stages, as needed by the customer.

Project Consulting allows you to design and manage your own project by acting as your own General Contractor.  This would allow you to move at your own pace, hire your own trades, act as a trade and complete some aspects of the project yourself and manage the project in a way that works best for you.  The Project Consultant could be contracted to provide assistance with anything from general information needed to complete a particular task such as a concrete pour, to spending a certain number of hours on the job site daily or weekly as a general advisor up to, and including being an assistant project manager.

This process is ideal for those clients that have a well-rounded construction background, but feel they may need some assistance with various stages of the project.

Benefits of a Project Consultant contract

  • Allows customer to flexibility to be their own General Contractor
  • Allows the customer to have full control over the schedule and budget
  • Customer benefits from the savings of not hiring a GC
  • Customer benefits financially from completing some of the work themselves
  • Allows the customer the flexibility of managing their own project while still having a knowledgeable person on the project to guide them through the more difficult aspects of the construction process.
  • Customer can save money