GC & Project Management

GC & Project Management

This service assumes that the client has already found a location, planned what they are going to build and had architectural and engineering plans completed.

The GC & Project Management contract would then take those plans and bid all of the various elements of the project out to multiple trades and sub-contractors to find the best value for the client.  The contractor then, would comprise a take-off for the client from the best bids, allowing the client to establish and plan a budget for the build.

Once the budget is approved, the General Contractor would then provide Project Management to oversee the build to its completion based on the plans, drawings and engineering requirements provided to him by the customer.

GC & Project Management allows you to move at your own pace in the planning and design stages and to fully embrace your vision before bringing in professional management to take that vision and make it a reality.  Much like Design-Build, having one single point of communication eliminates the confusion and potential for mistakes that could derail your project. Utilizing a GC & Project Management contract is ideal for those clients who have a clear vision of what they want but don’t have much experience in the construction industry.  

This process is ideal for a Franchisee!

Benefits of a GC & Project Management contract

  • Allows customer to move at their own pace during the planning process

  • Provides a single point of contact to manage the project, its  schedule, budget, and quality

  • Reduces communication breakdowns between trades and subs

  • Allows the customer to communicate with one responsible person about the project, schedules and budget